Location HQ is a Location library for Film & TV Locations. The company was set up by a renowned Location Scout who has worked on internationally acclaimed productions.

With a library of exclusive locations all over the country, Location HQ has become one of the leading location libraries in the UK.

We developed the Identity, Corporate Literature and a sophisticated online presence with a bespoke backend content management system which allows Location HQ to add unique tagging and indexing to image level.

Business cards

Location HQ wanted something different for their business cards and wanted some way to illustrate their vast image library. We developed a series of business cards all with different backs and matching colours on the front. The final result was printed on uncoated colourplan card, full colour both sides.


The Location HQ website is a complex large image library hosted on a dedicated server. The site has a bespoke content management system the we built from the ground up using PHP and a MySQL database.

The programming contained complex functionality for cataloguing and image tagging. As each location contained a large number of images covering different parts of the property, the issue was to ensure that depending on what the user searched for, relevant images were displayed in the search results. We developed a sophisticated image tagging solution so each image had specific keywords linked to it.

Other parts of the CMS include a bespoke email generator so clients who have specific enquiries can receive an email via the database with thumbnails linking directly back to the site.