When Mara, one of Africa’s largest companies wanted to ‘Connect Africa’ with their Mara Connect App we developed the branding and UX / UI.

The key objective was to ensure the App was visually appealing, easy to use and most importantly the design could be adapted for different screen sizes and platforms.

With billions of apps in the App Store the success of your app depends on a lot of factors. The ease of use and a beautiful interface connects with users immediately. Quality design gives the impression of a quality app.

If you’re thinking of developing an app and no matter what stage you are; whether you’re preparing a concept for investors, user journey, early draft or already launched, we can help enhance your proposition. We can help you work out a user journey which is simple and logical,  create a brand identity for your app, design the user interface or create a workflow document. Whatever you need we can assist.

iOS App Design - Mara Connect