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Making Everything Easier

Easy Step Flooring is a successful online e-commerce retailer specialising in laminate and wood Flooring. Their previous site was built using Magento, which is a powerful platform although one that is extremely challenging to use, with every technical update expensive as it had to be done by specialist Magento developers. This became a bottleneck for Easy Step Flooring in developing and growing their online presence. 

They needed to reassess everything. After doing extensive research, they realised that most major e-commerce retailers had their own solutions built and didn't rely on frameworks like Magento or WooCommerce.

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Building From The Ground Up

All our platforms are built bespoke from the ground up. This allows us to build whatever the clients want. There is no limitation to what can be done as our development team are extremely competent, and there's very little we can't do. 

We designed and built the new Easy Step Floorings website from code to finished product. A bespoke backend CMS manages every aspect of their website, and their back-office operations, allowing them to connect with their warehouse, suppliers and more. 

The site has seen tremendous growth over the past 12 months since launch with sales increasing by over 240%. 

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