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Redefining the Humble Kebab

German Doner Kebab is one of the UK's fastest-growing QSR brands with over 160+ stores around the UK and branches in Dubai, Sweden,  Canada and the USA. 

The brand has seen exceptional growth in the past four years with projections of over 500 locations in the next five years. Spearheaded by a dynamic team, the GDK brand has single-handedly changed the perception of doner kebabs in the UK. What was once a last-resort, unhealthy meal is now synonymous with gourmet-quality food.

The Design Factory has been working with GDK since it arrived in the UK and are involved with all aspects of in-store and online activities as well as managing the creative and marketing needs for all their global franchisees.  

Part of our remit includes creating a smart content managed website, accessible by partners all over the world.

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Built for Global Access

The website content is updated by different teams around the world and different user level access was developed so each region can access and update their own content. 

Each aspect of the website including store management is controlled via the CMS built bespoke, so as stores and regions are added, the website can be updated with ease without any technical skills. 

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