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Making Something That Matters

It’s true what they say, that first impressions count. 

Looking at their previous website, it was easy to assume that Mama Youth was a fledgling setup. A small charity dedicated to underprivileged minorities, trying to do some good. 

However, it took us one meeting with Mama Youth to discover the truth.
We were totally blown away by everything they do, and the difference they make to young lives.

Led by Bob Clarke and his incredible team, Mama Youth provide industry level training in TV and Broadcast to young people who have little or no formal education, who are underprivileged, or have had a troubled past - those who can struggle to gain opportunities and who are often typecast.

As part of the Mama Youth programme, trainees are immediately placed in a real, live TV set. Then after three to six months of solid commercial training, they’re helped to find work placements within major broadcasting companies, like Sky & BBC. Success rates are incredibly high, with most alumni securing excellent positions within the industry. 

It was such an honour and privilege to be part of their journey, we knew we had to deliver something truly special. 

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We were ready to jump on board

It was clear to us that Mama Youth had so much to offer.
However, their current website showed only a fraction of what they were actually doing.

The site was built with WordPress and cumbersome to update, the content was limited, the site structure was fragmented, and overall the design lacked any creativity. It was clear to us that all this was holding back Mama Youth’s growth, and preventing other potential organisations from supporting them.

After all, if nobody knows what you do and how well you do it, why would they care?

Technology was the answer

Mama Youth’s biggest offering is more than just finding placements for their graduates: it’s helping those graduates and alumnis to find paid employment.
But most of their matching was done using a paper-based system, while partly relying on a spreadsheet.
It was not an easy task.
If we could find a way to streamline the process, we realised we could boost Mama Youth’s offering.
We started building a workflow process and a functional specification to do just that.
And when we successfully implemented it, it cut down their admin by 80%.

For Mama Youth and their graduates, the future was brighter than ever.

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