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Building a School’s New Vision

Barnet Hill Academy was rebranded from Ayesha Community School, a local faith school in North London. After the school was handed over to a new proprietor and governors, the outlook for the school was planned to be totally different. 

The previous school had poor branding, its online presence was dated, information on the site lacked any structure, and ultimately it reflected negatively on the school. This all had to change. 

The Design Factory worked on the new branding and all related touchpoints online and offline for Barnet Hill Academy. The website was the biggest challenge as we had six weeks to complete the entire site before new admissions for the following academic year were announced. 

During our research into other school websites, we were astonished to find that 85% of the schools we spoke to struggled to update their sites. Websites were being sold by 'school website specialist' companies who would deliver cumbersome hard-to-update WordPress sites. The lack of ease and the need for extensive training to use WordPress was a daily challenge for most schools we spoke to. They were always reliant on the company that built their website, and this would become an on-going expensive exercise. A methodology and approach that we totally disagree with. If a content management site is built correctly, it should be easy to use.

Schools need a platform that is easy to use and update; the most critical aspect being how easy the site is to update and scale. 

Our CMS solutions do not require any technical skills to use and are built from the ground up on a per-project basis. The only options that are there are only those that are required by our client. 

We don't believe in clunky interfaces or complicated frameworks, and our results speak for themselves. 

Barnet Hill Academy was simply blown away at how powerful and easy to use our systems were. 

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