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Smart Design, Uniquely Targeted

The Design Factory has worked with the Holmes Care Group for many years. We developed the brand identity and continually support them by managing their marketing material and website. 

Working closely with Holmes Care's internal marketing team, we undertook the redevelopment of their website. The previous website had been created many years before, was outdated and failed to connect with the client’s target audience. 

Holmes Care had a lot of detailed analytics about their audience, defining who visits the website, who engages in finding a care home for their loved one, and data on age, demographics, sex, social class and more. This extremely useful information allowed us to carefully craft an easy-to-use website, specifically-targeted for its audience. 

Call to action and help points were essential, being placed strategically throughout the site, as was locating the homes. Also, we determined that allowing each visitor to filter based on services was critical for the success of the site. 

Since its launch, the site has seen a considerable amount of growth in enquiries and subsequent conversions. The site is controlled by our bespoke built content management system which allows Holmes Care to update every aspect of their website. 

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