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Giving Technology the Human Touch

NETconnection is an IT and Security company working with over 30 NHS Healthcare Trusts and blue-chip companies around the UK. In 2019 the company grew by over 300%. The Design Factory has worked with NETconnection for over 15 years, managing all their online and offline marketing.

As the company grew at a rapid pace, their existing branding and website looked tired.
Our challenge was to reposition the company as a major player with strong roots. We underwent a brand audit exercise from the ground up and rebranded every touchpoint, including their existing identity.

Part of the branding strategy was to create a new website. The site had to look fresh, be easy to navigate, whilst avoiding the classic IT company website tropes of featuring 100's of white papers, pages and pages of technical jargon and over-cluttered, cliché-littered pages. 

From our experience, already-informed key decision-makers and buyers do not get excited about reams of text, jargon or buzzwords. What is essential is that a site looks good, loads fast and has all the relevant information available quickly, so our approach was to keep the site looking simple, clean and enjoyable to use. 

The new NETconnection website achieved this and more, with NETconnection's success leading them to be acquired by Charterhouse Voice & Data Group.  

Client-Friendly Content Management

The site is intelligently powered by our bespoke Content Management System which allows every aspect of the site to be updated simply and easily. From adding new pages to updating awards, partner logos and more. 

Allowing clients to manage their own content is critical in ensuring that sites are kept up to date with ease. Clients who use complex frameworks like WordPress fear having to update their own content as one wrong move, and the entire layout can break. 

Our Content Management System does not allow users to break any aspect of their site. Fonts, colours, image sizes are all pre-built and updating is merely as simple as adding a few lines of text and uploading an image. All the heavy lifting is done seamlessly by our back end engine, which is built end-to-end in-house by our development team.


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