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From Strength to Strength 

LA Muscle is one of the UK's leading bodybuilding and wellness supplement companies. With customers all around the world and working with celebrities like Anthony Joshua, LA Muscle have firmly established themselves as a major player in the domestic supplement market, and well-respected by professional bodybuilders worldwide. 

The Design Factory has worked with LA Muscle for over 15 years, with a remit that includes the development of four versions of their successful e-commerce website, advertising and marketing material, packaging design and a whole lot more.
A great team led by a dynamic and visionary MD has seen LA Muscle go from strength to strength over the years, and we are proud to have been their partner throughout.

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The Brains Behind the Brawn

All e-commerce sites have a high rate of abandoned carts. This can be down to customers changing their minds at the last minute, customer confusion about shipping, or drop off due to the entire flow being fragmented. 

To ensure we reduced the number of abandoned carts to an absolute minimum, we focused on addressing every aspect of the user journey, to improve their experience.

This included assessing the site’s analytics and exit points, performing heatmap experiments and conducting A/B testing to identify areas which could be improved, with the ultimate aim of reducing abandoned carts from an industry average of 65.23%.

The project was a real success which saw sales increase by over 140% in less than 4 months post-launch.

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