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Staying Cool Under Pressure

Stay Cool was a passionate project backed by an established cosmetic manufacturer. With a growing global demand for breath fresheners, a revival was set to start. Popular in the 80's, the enthusiasm for breath fresheners had then died down, but Europe was experiencing a growing trend, and Stay Cool wanted to enter and dominate this market. 

Although the product excited major retailers, the existing packaging was dated. It did not appeal, leading to only the smallest of retailers prepared to stock the product. A significant blow to Stay Cool. 

With a young, dynamic marketing team, they knew what they wanted to achieve, yet struggled to find a design agency who really understood them. This synergy between client and agency is critical for the success of any project - no matter how big or small.

After viewing previous packaging projects we had worked on, Stay Cool felt confident that creatively The Design Factory was more than capable of executing their vision. Our first meeting was an instant success - the synergy and passion were shared on both sides, and within the first 30 minutes we had won the pitch!

Breathing New Life into Packaging

Before we start any project, we go through an intensive research and brainstorming process. Who is the target audience? What are competitors doing? What are the design trends in this industry? Once all this information is gathered, we start designing. 

The Second Phase of the project is then to produce different concept design routes. These are then presented to the client, and within our experience, we're fortunate that 99% of the time at least one route stands out and catches the client. 

We then focus on revising the chosen route to final designs and roll out additional SKU's.

Stay Cool happened in just this way, with the client choosing a clear favourite, followed by the exciting process of working on the product itself.

Initial Concepts


The Result

Once the design was finalised, Stay Cool approached the significant retailers throughout Europe and Asia who were previously hesitant to take the product on. Fortunately, the new design worked and was an instant hit - they all placed provisional orders. Stay Cool were back on track. 

The product is now stocked globally with major retailers in Europe and Asia and Stay Cool have experienced incredible growth year on year.

Final Designs and SKU rollout

Point of Sale Packaging

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